When we met, we were both working as photographers and filmmakers; as we’ve developed our careers working together, we’ve refined an approach, style and skillset that’s complementary to one another and to the production as a whole. We’ve developed a workflow that’s seamless and cooperative, and we’ve learned that its crazy fun shooting and directing together.
When you work with us, you’re getting two creative leads with no ego, no stepping on each other’s toes, no volleying for the best light. You’re getting a team that’s invested in the success of the piece as a whole. You’re getting an efficient, well oiled, experienced duo that is comfortable and confident working with each other. A team that has chosen to build a life around traveling and telling meaningful stories for brands around the world.

Brandon Schrichten has been a member of the team almost as long as Kate and Adam have been working together.  Primarily an editor and colorist, Brandon's skill set also includes sound design, After Effects, DIT work and generally being well dressed.