Maxwell House

Hi! We are Adam + Kate the directors and photographers behind A Collective Us. It’s rare to see brands these days take such a bold stance and own a position, like you have created for Maxwell House, which is why we are so excited about the opportunity to work with you on this campaign. You’ve laid out a great concept celebrating those who work hard and we want to bring that feeling of determination, grit, drive and ultimately satisfaction that comes from working hard.

Here are some examples of our work that highlight the work ethic of real people- firefighters, ranchers, jewelry designers, oil rig workers, chefs, pilots and craftsman. We thrive on working with real people in their work environments because we feel like we capture their truest self and in turn create authentic moments for your brand.

The Ask: To create eight portraits and a day in the life moments in still photography and video for print and online collages. To capture real workers in these fields: Military, Construction, Hospital , Home Improvement, and Parenting.

Scene Ideas: These are some rough suggestions and will be location dependent. All scenes will have a hero portrait on a light, textured, concrete colored canvas backdrop to make it easier for you to create the collages in post.

- Home improvement: Cutting wood in a workshop or garage. Laying out trim in the house. Enjoying a cup of coffee. Portrait on backdrop.

- Parenting: Opt 1. Parent in kitchen breakfast getting kids ready, enjoying a cup of coffee, tying kids shoes and handing off lunchboxes. Opt 2. A camping scene ( could shoot in backyard of the house for home improvement.) Parent with thermos of coffee while kids are playing and a piece of tent are in the background. Family setting up the tent. Opt 3. A farming family, kids helping with morning outdoor chores, feeding animals etc. Portrait on backdrop.

- Military- Army or AirForce base. Show training. Portrait on backdrop. We could also shoot a military mechanic if we get access to an Airforce base on this day.

- Hardworking/ Construction- Building high rise with city view below. Lumber mill. Forge. Building site with bulldozers moving dirt in the background. We would love to brainstorm with you more about what the right hardworking occupations would be for the brand. A portrait on backdrop.

- Hospital Health worker. Patient care. Emergency room. Physical therapy. Coffee at the nurses station. Rolling the gurney down a hall. A portrait on backdrop.

Our Approach: To maximize your content while sticking within budget we suggest shooting still photography and video in conjunction over the course of 4 shoot days. Day 1: Parenting and Home Improvement as we feel like we can do this in one location. Day 2: Construction and Hospital in one day we can shoot indoors mid day at the hospital and shoot in golden light sunrise or sunset for construction. Day 3: Military. Since permissions and accessibility could be issues we may need to either set up a military training scene at a different location which we are comfortable doing. Day 4: Two other hardworking jobs.

We would rely on a location scout to help us secure these locations and our talent to inform what those other hardworking jobs could be.